Working from existing templates (WordPress or jQuery) I can assemble websites with rich content. Below are some examples of some recent sites I’ve been working on. Of Course, no website is complete without the ability to drive traffic at it, if nobody visits your perfect site then it is in the end useless. There are different methods of getting traffic, adding blog content and trying to get google to notice you is one method and certainly a blog works wonders on that front; however another way of getting international traffic is to release a free app that offers a useful service whilst linking back to your website. Generally the app is a one off cost and will get you traffic over a year or two, the blogging and SEO process is a continuous process that must be worked on over the year and incurs monthly costs. Either way Shape of Sound has experience in both areas, as well experience (or contacts that can be referred) f Press Releases, Pay per Click Ads,

  • This is the latest website I have been working on for a childrens centre in Kenya, very pleased how this has come out. It is based on a responsive jquery template and so required a bit of coding work to pull everything together; but I think it's been worth the effort.
  • My own site, created using a wordpress theme and then extended with a few plugins to improve SEO and add a few new sliders
  • A simpler site was required in this case for the Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre
  • Sometimes it's great to have artistic bells and whistles and sometimes something plain and clear is required

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