Consulting & Research

Shape of Sound offer a range of services and have worked with a range of customers:

In the music sector Shape of Sound used Unity3D to develop the Immersive Engine architecture used by Immersive Album to produce cost effective interactive album apps for music artists such as The Who, Timo Maas, True Ingredients and DJ Vadim. Shape of Sound also produced the Sketch Synth range of iPad audio applications for drawing music. Other technical audio projects have involved audio analysis, graphic design and audio engineering.

For enterprise level customers Shape of Sound has been the main developer of mobile applications for asset management and managing inspections of flood defences, bridges, road and water transport systems using Xamarin.

For small and medium sized customers Shape of Sound has produced quotations, sales, e commerce, ordering and inventory systems to automate aspects of businesses and train staff.

For educational customers Shape of Sound has produced augmented reality systems for educating visitors at museum exhibits.

If you have a project and would like to discuss feasibility and start getting cost estimates then please get in contact on the contact page


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