Shape of Sound is one man (Alistair) + a small network of people I subcontract to, I usually develop apps in C#/HTML5/Javascript for mobile iOS, OSX, PC and Android platforms; a lot of my background is in desktop software though and I have recently started coding VST plugins and re-acquainting myself with C++. I have an existing audio and visual framework which allows me to rapidly prototype apps so that you don’t have to spend the earth to get that demo to present at your board meeting or to your investors.

In some cases I have been able to provide demos for apps like a working on a musical instrument demonstration app in 20 hours because I have this framework in place.

Some of my most recent projects have been:

* Providing a scalable 3D music album app deployment engine for Immersive Album, see:
* Prototyping and Deployment of an HTML5 app for grocery product advertising
* Providing a demo for fundraising for a musical instrument demonstrationĀ app
* Some of my own apps like Sketch Synth FX & Sketch Synth 2
* Demoing a rich audio visual advertising system to be embedded into web pages for advertising

If you have a project and you are interested in someone that can both Prototype Rapidly and then take care over Deployment then drop me a line using the contact form on this website. If you need help with existing code then I program cross-platform in C# first ten C/C++/Python and a little bit of Javascript/HTML5/css/Java/Objective-C and whatever else makes it’s way into the mix. I am also a certified information systems security engineer (CISSP) and can offer services in ensuring your applications and website back end communicate together in a secure way.


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