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Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 06.22.49Sketch Synth 2 is the latest audio application from Shape of Sound. Building on the previous technologies from Sketch Synth 3D, Sketch Synth 2 provides an easy and accessible pad based interface to a complex audio processing system. The apps4iDevices magazine already love it and rate it as a killer app, after that they then received a preview of the June update and think it is absolutely top.

You can grab a copy for the iPad from the app store here:

Sketch Synth 2 - Shape of Sound Limited

The June update of Sketch Synth 2 will include two major new features that relegate the existing 5 pads to being described as presets. Indeed v1.0 of Sketch Synth was slightly limited in that you could only have 4 different FX channels and could only audio copy and paste into one channel. Well, that has definitely been remedied I can tell you.

The first major new feature is called FX Mode, it allows you to take an audio pasted loop and apply 9 different effects as sequenced drawings so that you can add just a little bit of effect at the right moment, or just munge everything together into a chaotic noise soup.

The second major feature is called Blueprint mode, this allows you to assign up to 10 different loops to be crossfaded and brought in on the audio channels; and then you can assign any of the effects to the FX channels. Thats the audio side, on the visual side you can bring in your own backgrounds, videos, colorize everything, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s a construction kit for making pad based instruments. At this moment pro users might be thinking, great I can make it look pretty but how do I actually achieve a meaningful result, my workflow is as follows:

I create 10 different loops (5 pairs) in a DAW or Ableton Live on my desktop, you can use iPad apps; but I can’t get the same quality of sound out of iPad synths as I can from a VST. ¬†Each pair of loops represents one of Bass, Synth, Pads, Drums, Ambience, or some other division, you can do what you like. Load the loops into the synth and then take your iPad and start fading in and out different loops to really rapidly see how your sounds should be arranged. Once you’ve arranged them to your hearts content and worked out where you should touch up parts of your sounds with effects you can record loops or better still you now know what you need to do back on your desktop device with your VSTs and other toys and can quickly recreate your experiments using envelopes.

For the latest release there was a lot of unused art which was great and so I didn’t want to throw it away, and instead put it to some use, so here is a slide show:

  • Sketch Synth 2
    Sketch Synth 2

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