Add-Ons & Demos

Add-Ons & Demos

Sketch Synth 3D Lite is the main product demo for the iPad, it incorporates elements of every product (Orbital Guitar, Sketch Synth 3D). Once version 1.4.0 is introduced then it will have a lite version of Sketch Synth FX as well.  You can get the demo from the iPad app store here:

OSCSketchVisualizer (Mac)

The OSCSketchVisualizer acts as a receiver for your OSC output from Sketch Synth 3D, it can listen to Sketch Synth’s messages and show fullscreen 3D visualisations of them, it is free and available on the Mac app store here.

OSCWiiRemote (Mac)

The OSCWiiRemote client allows you to connect a WiiRemote into Sketch Synth 3D and use it as a 2.5D controller, it is currently in beta testing and is due to be released on the Mac app store for free. For now you can obtain a beta by emailing technical support here 

OSCKinnector (Mac) (easy install Kinect client)

OSCKinnector is an openFrameworks Synapse based Kinect client which means you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to install it, it’s an app and it’s pretty much plug and play (all you need to do is set the input on Sketch Synth 3D to be OSC). It lets you send skeletal signals from the Kinect into Sketch Synth 3D. It is currently in an alpha state and can be obtained freely by contacting us here

OSCeleton (Mac, Windows, Linux)

OSCeleton is an open source third party command line tool that allows you to send Kinect skeletal position signals into Sketch Synth 3D. You can use command line invocation such as “./osceleton -a -p 10003 -w -r” to feed skeletal values into the OSC input of Sketch Synth 3D. As long as Sketch Synth’s input is set to OSC  then you will be able to control the synth using the Kinect. If none of the above makes sense then you are probably better of getting OSCKinnector. OSCeleton is available here

OSCKinnection (Mac, Windows)

OSCKinnection is a Kinect client that allows you to control two orbs telekinetically, the position of these orbs can be fed into Sketch Synth 3D and will control the gesture and drawing pads. OSCKinnection has a mode that allows it to look at the upper half of the body only, which is very useful if you are using a wheelchair with it. OSCKinnection can be configured with command line arguments to send OSC to Sketch Synth 3D (which by default listens on, if this is meaningless to you then you are almost certainly better of getting a copy of OSCKinnector instead. You can get OSCKinnection here.

The Weirdness of Plasma (Demo Track)

The weirdness of plasma is a demo track that shows sketch synth 3D using the new drum loop sample triggering mode to play drums and atlantis samples continuously, whilst sketch synth gates the samples, it can be downloaded here and you can view it on youtube here: The Weirdness of Plasma