In order to analyse an improve products Immersive Gaming (formally Shape of Sound) collects data, without personal identifiers. One exception to this is that the Calorie Counter app stored user email addresses in the app  (but does not transmit them anywhere). The kinds of tools we use to collect data are listed below:

* Facebook App Analytics to collect usage information without collecting any identifying information apart from the apple ads identifier (IDFA)

* UnityAds – mobile ads that may use the apple IDFA

* Testflight SDK to help with beta tests and crash analysis

* Flurry to help with crash analysis, seeing which bits of code are used most and the new feature voting system

* Email contact, whenever you send me an email I receive your email address

* Ratings and Reviews


Flurry have their own Privacy Policy:

Immersive Gaming use the analytics portion of the Flurry SDK and you can opt out here:




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