Sketch Synth 2 Content Packs

To get you started in Blueprint mode I’ve uploaded some content packs for you on this page. To install a content pack just unzip the file and extract all the contents into the Sketch Synth 2 app using iTunes File Sharing.

All content packs on this page are provided under the creative commons ‘by’ license:

Basically you can do what you like as long as you credit by including a link to the website beside your work if it is published online. These conditions can be waived by asking for permission.

The first content pack is Amber Warmth with some warm vintage synth sounds to completely contrast against the darker sounding pads in the synth.

The second content pack is Round The Corner, it’s a bit of a mixup of blues bass, creepy synths and soft pads. Sketch Synth 2 allows experimental mixing of some really different sounds here to pull out an arrangement:

I will add more as time goes on, also an extraction mechanism so that you can use them directly without unzipping