Sketch Synth 2

Blueprint Mode

Blueprint mode is the most complex new feature, but that doesn’t mean it is hard to use, it just lets you adjust all the samples, effects and visual settings. To the casual user this means they can have fun customising their pads; for the advanced user you can use Sketch Synth 2 to experiment with arranging your loops into songs and soundscapes in a whole new way. Here is a video of it in use:

Apps4iDevices Demo/Review

In this demo/review the Apps4iDevices user demonstrates have to use Audio Copy & Paste to import sounds from other apps into Sketch Synth 2 with some pretty wicked results, expressing both tranquil sounds and graveyard using two different scenes. There is also a detailed rundown here.

Sketch Synth 2 Preview

This is a preview presentation which gives a quick presentation on how to do the basics with Sketch Synth 2, the graphics are out of date but the info is there: