This page maintains the documentation for Shape of Sound products:

Sketch Synth 2

You can find documentation for Sketch Synth 2 here, Sketch Synth 3D full-version owners will get a copy of Sketch Synth 2 as part of their next update (hopefully end of April / early May)

The Undulating Noise Machine

You can find documentation for the undulating noise machine here

Sketch Synth FX


Apps4idevices do helpful tutorials that do a better job than I can of explaining how simple this app is to get going with, a video will be coming; but for now the full tutorial and review is here 

Orbital Guitar 


You can find the manual for Orbital Guitar here

Sketch Synth 3D and Sketch Sound 3D

Before diving into the docs, it is well worth having a look at some of the Sketch Synth reviews, they come at the use of Sketch Synth from a different angle and can give an enhanced insight that can get you hitting the ground running.

At apps4idevices you can find a review with plenty of diagrams that show the different features of version 1.3.0. Click here for the review. At iosmusicandyou you can find an overview of the version 1.2.1 features in a text driven format here.

For version 1.3.0 there some changes that are worth knowing about.

(i)The file manager now stores files as 44100Hz wav ready for Audio Copy & Paste, unfortunately it can’t yet convert from other formats to that format, so Audio Copy & Paste may just stall if it gets the wrong file format coming through, existing Sketch Synth users may find this since files used to be stored as 48000Hz wav. Failed to fix this for 1.3.1.

(ii)The Orbital Guitar is designed to have the y-axis set to Pitch4Oct, if it is set to Pitch2Oct then it will work to some extent, but you might not get full y-axis expression. You can set the y-axis to other parameters like a filter cutoff and then use the guitar as a step modulator.

The following manuals detail version 1.2.1 of Sketch Synth and Sketch Sound 3D.

Getting Started and The Gesture Pad

This document takes you through drawing sounds, soundscapes and how to use the gesture pad, you can download it here 

Product Comparison

This guide gives a comparison of the different features of Sketch Synth 3D and Sketch Sound 3D in order to help a buyer make an informed choice. Download here.

Audio, OSC and Midi Output

This guide takes you through the different Audio, OSC and Midi options and has troubleshooting guides for each at the end of the document, you can download it here

Loading Custom Samples

This document shows you how you can load your own samples into the iPad and the Mac versions of Sketch Synth and Sketch sound, it also brings up some of the limitations of the sample system. You can grab it here.

Recording and Audio Copy / Paste

You can download the guide for recording and Audio Copy & Paste here

OSC Input Interface

This document details the OSC Input API, it is targeted at OSC users who wish to interface their own controllers to the synth, it is available here.

OSC Output and Processing

Definition of the OSC output API and how to get in running with a sample processing sketch can be found here

Connecting a Kinect or WiiMote

This document walks you through connecting using a WiiMote and a Kinect, as well as giving a little background into the OSC input. It is available here.

This video from a review by the site apps4idevices shows off the features of the upcoming 1.3.0 release:

The videos below are now out of date; but still give a detailed intro to the synth’s features: