Sketch Synth 1.4.0 Summer Update

The Summer updates are on their way, I’ve added a couple of the sample packs for Sketch Synth FX into Sketch Synth 3D, one into Sketch Sound 3D and a lite version of the sample pack into Sketch Synth 3D Lite. I’m actually really pleased with how they fit together, I thought it might be like two completely separate chunks; but in face it works well to use Sketch Synth FX as the sample slicer and then feed samples into Sketch Synth 3D, the clipboard is automatically imported; but you can use the audio copy and paste clipboard to have up to 12 different takes to import.

The main idea of bundling them together is to give some hint as to what Sketch Synth 2.0 is going to be like. I am planning to make it a separate product that will be part of the Sketch Synth 3D bundle as well (just like Sketch Synth FX is in this next update). This way Sketch Synth 3D becomes the bundle pack and existing customers don’t lose out, Sketch Sound 3D will be a bit lighter, gets bits and pieces but not the whole hog, and Sketch Synth 2 will be a new product as well as part of the bundles.