Sketch Synth FX v1.0.1 Update On The Way

Straight after releasing Sketch Synth FX a pretty major bug was found on the iPod Touch 4th Gen, and another when recording on the iPhone 4. This update aims to fix these problems. I’ve switch over to using a different library for recording and the results so far are much better, this sound quality feels better and layering sounds is nice and easy. This library also allows for level metering, for this version I didn’t upset the UI and just went for a minimal set of changes that would just get promised functionality working. In version 1.0.2 I want to address input level monitoring and a couple of UI changes. Currently recording length when using the microphone is restricted to about 5 seconds; but it doesn’t have to be that way, a quick UI change is all that is needed for that. Anyway, I’ve submitted the fixes to the app store, and hopefully it will be with you in about a week.