Sketch Synth FX 1.0.0 On the Way

After an intense flurry of work: Sketch Synth FX is finally on the way to the App Store. I’ve been thinking about how I can make the 2.0 update for Sketch Synth 3D / Sketch Sound 3D and thanks to a discussion with Zac at Zaxis I was able to put together a much simpler, altogether more App like offering.

Sketch Synth FX allows you to take samples, play them as loops and draw effects over the top, you kind of add effects like layers, and re record the sound, once you’ve finished the recording then the sound automatically starts playing in the clipboard and you can add more layers of effects until you’ve got it just perfect. The effects strength can be controlled using the bypass page, like everything else it is a 2D pad, in this case the global volume is on the y-axis and on the x-axis you can control the strength of all applied effects apart from pitch changes.

Sketch Synth FX will be available on the app store for the iPad to start with for $3, Sketch Synth 3D and Sketch Sound 3D users may want to hold out a few weeks before buying since I will supply a custom version with the next update. This is the direction I am travelling and I still don’t know what Sketch Synth 3D 2.0 is going to look like; but I want you guys to see whats going into it, the two will also work very well together since you will be able to transfer samples nicely with Audio Copy & Paste.


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